Beyond Listening: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Parents and Teens
Beyond Listening by Lisa Jass
A Must Read for Parents and Teens

With the growing number of teens owning smartphones, internet usage has risen. Nearly 45 percent of teens report near-constant use of the internet. The question becomes, how do parents communicate with a generation that would rather look at a screen than communicate face to face?

Beyond Listening is a look at how to understand your teenager from new perspectives. It uncovers ways to bridge the gap between parent and teen communication and build stronger, healthier relationships.

In this book you will learn how to listen with more than your ears. You’ll hear stories such as:

* How Lisa herself got busted for missing curfew as a teen, despite being home in bed.

* How a teacher realized young Clint Pulver’s potential even through his trouble-making behavior.

* How a teenage girl’s self-image was warped by her father’s drastic reaction to catching her with a boy in her room.

Beyond Listening is a must-read if you are a parent, if you deal with teenagers in any way, or if you have trouble communicating. This book speaks to parents of teenagers, teachers, and coaches who are willing to look at communication and listening in a new way.

What People are Saying

"Lisa Jass creates a necessary dialogue for parents and teens to create positive relationships and provides insight into today's teenager. This book is entertaining, informative and filled with useful tips and guidance. It's a must-read for parents!"

— Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Power of Positive Leadership and Relationship Grit

"With true insight into the mind of teenagers and those who impact teens, Lisa Jass shares emotionally charged stories and tips to help parents communicate in ways that will help strengthen their relationships with their teens."

— Brian Mendler, author national best-selling book, That One Kid

"Lisa Jass speaks truth based on her experience using these rewarding strategies with her students. I have heard so much of this book at different times from different people, and now it's all in one place. As I was reading, I was definitely reminded that I need to do it better."

— Elizabeth Eden, parent, teacher

One day, I walked into Coach Takk’s office. He took one look at me and asked, “What’s wrong?” I immediately burst into tears. “I have no idea what I’m crying about,” I said to him. He just leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and waited. I honestly don’t remember what the issue was right now, but there were so many moments like that. Sometimes he would catch me grinning, and he would want to know the good stuff too, and he would wait for me to tell him, even if I might be embarrassed. He could read my emotional grid. He would just listen, and when needed or wanted, he would offer advice, a kind word, his shoulder to cry on, or a place to laugh out loud. He would often “see” what I wasn’t saying. He spent the time to really get to know his students, and he let us get to know him too. Keep reading...

Best friends Jane and Molly dropped their backpacks on the dining room table as they came in Jane’s house together after school, talking animatedly. Jane’s mom, Veronica, was working on her computer on the same dining room table and said, “Hey girls.” Not even stopping the flow of their conversation to look at Veronica, they offered a brief wave as they headed into the kitchen to grab drinks and snacks before settling in on the couch and clicking on the TV. Veronica, pretending to continue to work, strained to hear what the girls were talking about. This was her favorite time of the day, as she often got to catch up on what was going on in Jane’s life by eavesdropping on Jane and Molly’s after-school chats. Veronica heard Molly say to Jane, “Can you believe Griffin just punched him like that?” Keep reading...

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